On the hills of Melgaço, overlooking the River Minho, a striking tower guards the paths. High up, the Castro smiles over the mountain...

Wine production registers back to the 12th Century in this Monção – Melgaço region due to the initiative taken by the church alongside with the decisive contribution of the Monarchy.
Melgaço’s municipality is located in the northern most point of Portugal and extends from the River Minho to the Peneda Gerês National Park.
Melgaço is a medieval village steeped with the perfume of past times, full of historic memories and legends where time and life have left traces that can never be erased. It is the place where “Portugal begins”. 
Enjoy the rare and unparalleled historic patrimony and culture with its strong wine production traditions.
If you are attracted to visit the patrimony, then the gastronomy, landscape, traditions and people of Melgaço will make it an irresistible choice.